Querida - Limeira
Rua Senador Vergueiro - Centro
2014 - Limeira


The Limeira store was adequate, continuing the new standard established for the chain in 2013 at the Polo Shopping Store - Indaiatuba.

However, the challenge of this unit was to adapt the concepts created for a store pattern in Shopping to the reality of dimensions and investment of a "street" store.

For this reason, the furniture standards were maintained and new elements were added, such as vertical raised panels, accessory boxes, lounge space and central support table. In addition, a new fitting room was created with large units ensuring greater privacy and comfort for customers

The lighting maintained its color standard and LED lamps were used, which allow for a lower investment in relation to Metallic Vapor lighting and guarantee a significant reduction in maintenance and energy consumption, without affecting the quality of the lighting of the products. To guarantee global illumination, indirect lighting was used through central crown moldings.