house CG2

​​Location: Barão Geraldo . Campinas /SP
Date: 2009 / 2010
Area: 180,00m²

The CG02 house is a single storey house built for sale, in order to take advantage of the heating of the real estate market and fill the lack of homes in this specific niche (single storey houses in 03 bedrooms in Barão Geraldo and outside the condominium). In the project, contemporary concepts of space utilization were used, uniting the living room, dining room and kitchen as a single large environment, also assisting in the ventilation and lighting of the space. The large brick gable, which divides the house, separates the "wet" areas (kitchen, bathrooms and service area) from the noble areas of the house (living rooms and bedrooms), making it a central element of the residence. The barbecue and leisure area, completely separated from the rest of the construction, was requested by the owner of the property and a differential that facilitated future sales was configured.