INOVARQ professionals have long experience in the field of architecture for professional restaurants and kitchens, both partners participated for some years (since 2006) in the RS Arquitetos Associados office, where they participated in the development of more than 1,000 projects for "GR S / A Food Solutions "all over Brazil.

Among the projects carried out during the period in RS, the following stand out:


•Arjo Wiggins – Salto/SP – 645m², 800 refeições/dia

•Cosan Raízen – Piracicaba/SP – 1000m² , 1250 refeições/dia

•DHL Samsung – São Paulo/SP – 500m² , 600 refeições/dia

•Fibria – Aracruz/ES – 3000m²

•JA Alimentação – Varginha/MG – 1500m²

•Mahle – Limeira/SP – 550m², 700 refeições/dia

•Seeber – Diadema/SP, 550m², 800 refeições/dia


•Serveng – São Paulo/SP, 450m², 550 refeições/dia

•Unilever – Valinhos/SP, 1500m², 1500 refeições/dia

•Toyota – São Bernardo do Campo, 800m²

•Hospital Pedreira – São Paulo/SP – lanchonete, 190m²

•Teleperformance – São Paulo/SP – lanchonete, 150m²

•Tecnolite – Santos/SP – Refeitório em plataforma de Petróleo

•Kopenhagen – Extrema/MG – 860m² , 1000 refeições/dia


We are capable of developing projects at different Foodservice scales, presenting high quality and rich technical details, aiming to meet the standards of Health Surveillance and the needs of the client. The experience and the technical differential allow the INOVARQ team to develop creative solutions with different aesthetics with a focus on the functionality of the spaces.

Latest work done


•My Kitchen Campinas /Orizimbo Maia - 600m² - Cozinha Delivery e Restaurante

•Grainne's Irish Pub  Campinas  - Reforma de Cozinha e Bares

•Samsung - São Paulo - Cozinha e Refeitório (a serviço da RS Arquitetos Associados)

•GM - São Caetano - Lanchonetes (a serviço da RS Arquitetos Associados)

•SONY / HITACHI / VIDEOLAR  - Manaus - Refeitórios (a serviço da RS Arquitetos Associados)